Cloud Messaging Platform & API tools tailored for your Business.

Whisppa puts you in control of all your cloud messaging tools and services; Try our SMS, Email, Voice Messaging, Push Notifications and so much more

whisppa messaging

Pure SMS and marketing tools redesigned for your business

We designed Whisppa to get rid of the hustle associated with sending SMS campaigns, emails and implementing authentication and made it ridiculously easy for your business to grow. Get started with Whisppa and redeem your free SMS Credits

SMS features that actually work!!!

Why not choose SMS that delivers growth to your business? Millions of SMSs are sent through Whisppa daily to empower businesses and you can benefit too.

Maximize Reach

Reach all your clients within one swoop. Create contact groups and SMS campaigns on the fly.

Custom Analytics

Measure advertising impact and assess your business right from your dashboard.

Secure and Simple Messaging

Whisppa makes it easy to reach your customers with zero stress and provides a verified and secure platform to keep your communication safe.

SMS Credits that NEVER expire

Whisppa presents a competitively robust and feature rich solution that gives you all the tools you need to scale your business through marketing.

Whisppa has global partners.

Our clients say a lot of good things about us. Here are some reviews from our clients

It's always fulfilling as a business owner knowing the I can easily reach my customers through SMS with the solution Whisppa provides. Its really easy to use.

Miss Brown Judy

I have been using Whisppa to communicate with all my customers for a while now and any time I have an issue their customer service personnel simply sort everything out for me.

Marfo Tony TracGlobal Ghana

The API tools and services available for my business is simple and enables me to scale my SMS marketing campaigns without paying any extra fees. I simply love this platform.

whisppa messaging

API Integrations under 30 seconds

Whisppa is developer friendly and hence we strive to make development and integration with 3 key things in mind; Simplicity, Speed and Ease. Go ahead and check out our developer documentation and start sending your marketing campaigns

Flexible Pricing

Whatever budget you're on, we have something for you.


¢ 0.03


  • Start with 10 SMS for free
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Fast and Reliable Delivery
  • 24/7 Customer Service


¢ 0.20


  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Secure Voice Transmission
  • Custom Language Communication
  • 24/7 Customer Service


¢ 0.01


  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Secure Email Protocols
  • Spam Filtering and Detection
  • 24/7 Customer Service

You're in good company

Lots of businesses rely on Whisppa to engage their customers and keep them in the loop.

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